Be Successful With Photography Using These Great Tips

photography tipsTaking great picture has never been easier than it is nowadays because of digital cameras. Make sure you follow the advice in this article, so that you can make average shots look professional. Many tricks can be applied in just seconds, when you know how, leaving people wonder how come you take such great pictures all the time!

Learn how to snap a picture quickly. Do not wait for your subject to take a certain pause, this might not happen. Take several pictures if you need to. By taking pictures quickly, you will get natural expressions and pauses. If you wait too long, your subject will probably have a rather rigid and artificial expression.

Use manual white balance to spice up your photos. It is possible to let the camera decide the proper white balance for a given environment, but sometimes the camera will get it wrong and the photo will look washed out. Using a manual white balance also allows you to take artsy photos with sepia tones, for instance.

Even if you are taking a landscape photo, make sure your shot has a focal point. Shots without a focal point can look rather empty and dull. Possible focal points for a nature landscape photo include big trees, waterfalls, and distant mountains. Another trick is to use something that stands out as your focal point, such as a patch of different colored flowers.

If you’re doing a landscape shot, try and capture some movement in the shot. Whether it’s the wind blowing the trees or a wave crashing against the shore, capturing this movement can add an extra layer of depth to the photograph. If you’re going to try and capture movement, make sure you’ve got the shutter speed set correctly.

Use a good lens to get a better image quality. You can create artistic pictures with any kind of equipment if you work hard and adapt your style to your equipment. But getting a good lens definitely opens up more possibilities. For instance, you can capture more details and get a better focus. For really up close shots, use a macro lens. These are amazing for capturing more details, you can even see people’s body hair in the photo!

Take a deep breath, and try to remain as still as possible when pressing the shutter button. Alternatively, use a tripod and/or a shutter release cable. The slightest motion can wreak havoc on your image. Take a moment before taking the picture to gather your breath and ensure the shot is straight.

Make sure to set up your compositions so that vertical lines are truly vertical. Tilting the camera backwards to capture a tall building, for example, can cause the building to appear as if it is falling backwards out of the frame. Photographs in which buildings are not vertical often appear unnatural.

Flowers are a very great and beautiful thing to take photographs of no matter where you are. There are so many different types of flowers, and so many different ways to bring out their beauty in a photograph. Despite all of that, try to avoid taking photos of flowers when it is windy outside.

When dealing with photos, you generally must decide whether you should expose the shadows or the headlights of the subject. Good photo software will let you take two pictures demonstrating each effect, and blend them to create the perfect balance of tips

Don’t worry about taking too many pictures. It is helpful in being selective while taking pictures, but by taking too many you can capture surprising and unexpected images. With digital photography you can always delete any of the pictures that you do not like. You can also set the camera on burst mode and delete the pictures you don’t like and keep the ones you do like.

Keep a notebook with the dates of the days that you were out taking photos with the location where you were shooting. You can get as detailed as you like in these notes. They are meant to help you remember exactly where and when you took the photos so you can add it to captions later.

Using the tricks and tips in this article can help you with your photography. Just because you have a digital camera does not mean you will automatically take great shots. Use these tips before you upload your photographs or have them printed, and get ready for the compliments from friends and family, on what a great job you do!

Real Estate Headshots

Since becoming a photographer, I have shot many friends and family members. I have been very blessed that word has gotten out about my side hobby quite quick! I am thankful for having such awesome and amazing people in my life.

I had the joy of shooting an old friend who haven’t seen in years, Melissa. She was getting new headshots done for her website, She told me she is trying to be the top real estate agent for Mississauga, but wouldn’t mind being the top real estate agent for Brampton either.

She was also mentioning to me how in 2014, her goal was to lose about 50lbs. She did so by adding a regular exercise routine to her everyday schedule, and eating a healthier diet. She did say that she had some help with the diet part, as she found that she was overeating, and that was a big problem for her goal of losing weight. She said she tried many different supplements, but found that saffron extract worked best for her, as not only did she see a difference in her appetite, but she found she was in a better mood every day and had more energy. She suggested this website which has information on saffron extract supplements, which is where she originally learned about it.

This was my first time shooting headshots, so it was a bit difficult. I prefer to work with natural light, but with headshots, it has a very ‘studio’ feel to it, especially these professional ones. I had to purchase a backdrop and some brand new lighting. I had to fidget to get the lighting right at first. Hopefully this is a skill that I can pick up quickly! The shooting is quite simple, I just personally found setting up the lights was difficult.

I think we got some great shots, and I can’t wait to show you all how they turn out! For now, here is a sneak peak of the setup;

studio setup for headshots:

If you are looking for a new real estate agent, you can find Melissa on the following social medias:





Makeup Workshop Mania!

Just the other week, I had the pleasure of working alongside some very talented makeup artists teaching a wonderful workshop for students who are aspiring to get into the industry.

It was a very exciting day, with lots of demos and teaching techniques I have never even heard of! I had no idea it was possible to even change your bone structure with highlighting and contouring. That is crazy!

There were demonstrations by the seasoned artists, and then the students had to apply their new found knowledge to their models. There was lots of chatter amongst the ladies and the few men that were there. From chatting about their favorite restaurants, the weather, to their favorite new workouts. Some workouts I had heard of, like Zumba and hot yoga, and some were even into crossfit. It seems like hardcore workouts are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Just look at all of the fitness accounts on Instagram with hundreds of thousands of followers!

I was astounded by the amount of makeup products each of the seasoned and or aspiring artists had. So many colors, interesting packaging styles, and many many weird looking brushes! I don’t know how they keep up with all of their tools. Even the storage solutions were very intriguing, like the Sherrieblossom Icebox organizers that were completely clear so you can see exactly what products were where, and showed off each product’s unique packaging beautifully.

It was very interesting, because as a man, I never mess with this makeup stuff. I literally shower and go. It is amazing what these talented artists can do with some brushes and product. The transformations in the classroom were amazing, and it makes me appreciate the whole process of it a lot more.

Check out one of the makeup artist’s pinterest page here.


A transformation done with makeup… amazing!